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PC VR only for the Alpha version

You can connect your VR Headset (Quest) through "link" or "airlink" with Virtual Desktop

Windows PC only for now, equipped with a powerful graphical card


Integrate your mp4 file(s) so you can select the song in the menu


DO NOT use any music or video files etc you don't have or own the rights for, we value and respect every artist's work! 

For the avoidance of doubt, Mizik/XR-One are nor won't be liable for any use or misuse of (User) Content by any User



Choose/create your avatar yourself!

Thanks to our amazing partner "Read Player Me" you can create your own style


Once on stage:

  • Grab the micro

  • Watch the screens when you've lost your lyrics

  • Take one of the small "camera's" to film yourself 

  • Perform on stage...

  • But foremost: ENJOY!!!

Concert Crowd

Join the revolution of Live Performances! 

Professional or amateur, Mizik is YOUR

virtual reality stage to share your performance with the world.

Mizik is a VR application in full development that allows users to perform on a virtual stage, show their talent in different kinds of venues for: concerts, karaoke, stand-up, conferences... 

We have been developing this project for a little over 3 years with a small team and are now looking for our alpha testers. 

We have a multiplayer version with extra features ready but for the integration of this we first need a community to attract investors and finance the necessary integrations based on your feedback.


Are you a bit of an artist?  
Do you have your own repertoire?
Then all you have to do is integrate your mp4 file into the application. You can also create/choose your avatar thanks to our partner Ready Player Me.  

Our application can be connected to your home studio and also supports live streaming by OBS.

On our Discord server we try to answer (almost) all of your questions.


Is this a taste for more? 
Be sure to let us know, we warmly welcome all constructive feedback.  


Are you thinking about a possible partnership or do you know/are you a willing investor?
Contact us & we will be happy to discuss the possibilities.


To obtain the Alpha version, all you have to do is complete the registration form below and we take care of the rest...